Call me sentimental, but I love the individualistic choices that make your wedding a reflection of your love for each other.

Your love story is a part of your own personal history, so naturally, the documentation of your wedding day serves as a sort of distinct statement — a visualization of your relationship, your culture, and your lifestyle. As your wedding photographer, my goal is to capture all of those unique details and genuine emotions with classic color tones that won't fade with time. Helping you to live in the moment and reflect on the memories for decades to come.

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I capture the subtleties while curating an experience that lets you wrap yourself up in the moment.

We all have love stories, and my mission is to document each one genuinely, and intentionally. This is what I'm meant to do. Being part of the wedding conceptualization process and helping you translate your vision into photos with carefully crafted film tones — I truly love it.
As a photographer and business owner, I seek to learn and understand just about everything about my craft. And yet, I am always surprised when each couple teaches me something new and unexpected, helping me unearth a new lesson of love and life, one that is familiar and foreign at the same time.

Molly was a dream photographer. Her incredible work speaks for itself but her professionalism, fun personality and energy put her over the top.

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- Christina


From a young age, Molly was drawn to every art and design process imaginable — print production, film photography, screen printing, and especially graphic design. She went on to receive a ​​bachelor’s degree in marketing and a bachelor of fine arts degree in visual communication. Known for her impeccable knowledge of composition, color theory, and post production, she offers an elevated, comprehensive experience that sits at a wonderful crossroads of her passions — being an artist and an entrepreneur. Today, she brings her love of design and photography together to help modern couples capture their legacy with true-to-life film and digital photography. All influenced by editorial styling, modern fashion, and classic filmography.

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Your photos will feel like they belong in a magazine, and on your walls.

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My goal is for the images of your wedding day to get better with time, as opposed to feeling trendy in just five short years.

Champagne always makes an engagement session sweeter.

You pour the drinks and I’ll capture the memories — these moments deserve celebrating, so why not let the champagne rain?

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The subtleties will speak volumes.

The effort put into your details won't go uncaptured or unnoticed. The way you feel in the photo, the tone of the image, the composition — it all comes together to say so much in the finest of details. 

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She went above and beyond to make our experience wonderful and far exceeded our expectations. She is extremely kind, flexible, and dedicated to her work. She knows exactly how to capture the couple's love and personality into her photos.

“Molly captured each moment of our wedding day so perfectly, even the smallest of details!”



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I have an extensive graphic design background that only adds to my work, giving me an innate ability to understand the fundamentals of composition, color theory, and film.

I’m a designer who uses photography as my craft.

My grandmother owned an antique shop on their family farm. I like to think her legacy taught me to appreciate heirlooms and the stories behind them.

I appreciate a good story.

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With Maryland as my home, and family in Florida and Colorado, I work with clients in each of these locations with no travel fees.

I travel frequently to Maryland, Southern Florida and Denver.

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Love knows no bounds.

Willing and inclined to travel. Whether you envision an elaborate weekend affair, or an intimate elopement, let me know when and where to meet you.

- Molly

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